500g pack of lean minced beef, preferably organic
1 tsp mild chili powder
Four slices of mild cheddar, if you want to make cheeseburgers
For the buns and toppings
Four burger buns
choice of lettuce, cucumber, gherkin, tomato, and red onion
ketchup or mayonnaise,

1. Flavour the meat: Put the beef in a blending bowl, then, at that point, sprinkle over the bean stew powder and somewhat salt and pepper. Blend well in with your hands or utilize a fork. The gentle stew powder gives the meat added flavor without making it excessively fiery.
2. Shape into burgers: Divide the combination into four equal pieces, then, at that point, shape with your hands into round burgers about the width of the buns, or pack the blend into giant show rings (on the off chance that you have them) set on a slashing board. You need to push down on the meat to minimize it, then, at that point, cautiously lift off the rings – a bit like making sandcastles.
3. Presently get cooking: Fry the burgers on a hot iron or barbecue them outside on the grill for 5 mins on each side, turning them cautiously with a metal spatula. Accept care as hot fat from the meat might spit a bit.
4. Top with cheddar and toast the buns: If you need to make cheeseburgers, put a cut of cheddar on top of the burgers when you turn them over and let it soften while the opposite side cooks. When they are prepared, slice the burger baps down the middle and warm them in the toaster oven or on the grill – take care that you don’t consume them.
5. Set up the fixings: Meanwhile, set up the garnishes of your decision. Separate the lettuce into leaves.Then, at that point, utilizing a sharp blade, daintily cut the tomato, cucumber, and gherkin on a different board to the one you arranged the burgers on. Strip and finely cleave the red onion.
6. Gather and appreciate: Spread a little mayonnaise or ketchup – or both assuming you like – onto the toasted buns, top with your burgers and mixed greens of your decision, trailed by the leftover half-bun