Il y a de bons restaurants dans la rue piétonne

There are a bunch of great places to eat that will suit every budget. You can choose from original road merchandisers or you can spurge on a fantastic seafood regale.

The road merchandisers are substantially located just off of Walking Street down the small lanes or sois. They vend everything from bar- b- que on a stick to rice and pate dishes. Prices are veritably cheap and you can get a mess or a snack for les than 2 bones
Still, there are numerous caffs
over and down the road, If you want Thai food in a nicer setting. You can get western or Thai food at reasonable prices.

Some of the bars also offer food or give menus that you can fluently order from. You can order any item on the menu and have your full course mess while enjoying your favorite grown-up libation.
Still, there are 3 or 4 caffs
that have your favorite fish, lobster or grouser on ice or still swimming around, if you’re in the mood for seafood. Your mess will be excellent and bring about 25 of what you would pay at home. And the view of Pattaya Bay is magnific. King Seafood is my fave.

still, you can always get Italian, If seafood is n’t your favorite. Don Joe’s is right on Walking Street and overlooks the bay. You can get pizza, pasta or lasagna in a great position with superb service. numerous of the bars located near Don Joe’s can give a menu and will let you eat in the bar while you have a cold beer.
Another fave of mine are the kebab sandwiches that some of the merchandisers vend. You’ll see funk, pork or angel on a perpendicular spit and you can get a sandwich with all the plasterings for about 50 baton – or $1.50 US. The meat will be trimmed and put into pita chuck
and also you can add cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions. Catsup and other gravies are also available. Chicken kebabs are my favorite and the girls in the bars will be happy to snare one for you.

presumably the stylish part of Walking Street is that you can get food any time of day or night. Whether eating original style at one of the numerous road merchandisers, or going for the grouser or lobster at King Seafood it’s entirely over to you. You can indeed get a burger and feasts if you want. And cate
is available too – you can get an Italian ice or some fresh fruit.
Walking Street is a delightful place to go to for the bars and the girls but it’s also a super place to get some excellent food.

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