50g fat green mild chili (about three large ones)
3large garlic cloves
5cm piece of fresh root ginger
a bunch of fresh coriander
200g carton of full-fat Greek yogurt
2medium onions
8medium bone-in chicken thighs (total weight about 800g-1kg/1lb 12oz-2lb 4oz)
2 tbsp groundnut or corn oil
2 tsp fennel seed
1 tsp cumin seeds
a good knob of butter
Chilli-ginger garnish to serve (see below)

1. Make the Chili-ginger topping (see right) before you start the chicken.
2. Chop down the length of the green chilies, then, at that point, eliminate the seeds by scratching them out with a teaspoon. You might need to wear elastic gloves for this work – red hot seeds can give the fingers a real bean stew sting. Remove the tail closes, cleave the chilies into short pieces, and put them in a blender or food processor. Strip and generally hack the garlic and add to the chilies. Do likewise with the ginger.
3. Take the leaves out of the coriander and drop them into the blender as you go (hold the stems for the embellishment). Tip in the yogurt and barrage everything to a puree. This can require a couple of moments, and you might need to stop the blender a couple of times to scratch all the gunge down from the sides – and a flexible spatula will make this work a lot simpler.
4. Strip, divide, and daintily cut the onions. Pull the skin off the chicken, utilizing kitchen paper to assist you with getting a decent hold. Warm the oil in a saute container over medium heat until hot – when you drop in a flavor seed or two; it should sizzle. Throw in the fennel and cumin seeds and let them snap and fly for 10-20 seconds, constantly mixing so they don’t consume. They’re prepared when you get a stunning whiff of warm nuts. If the oil begins to smoke, eliminate the skillet from the warmth.
5. Thud in the spread and let it soften; then, at that point, toss in the cut onions and turn the warmth down a touch. Mix to blend the onions and flavor seeds, then, at that point, cook for around 10 minutes until the onions are meltingly delicate and touch brilliant brown. Give them an overwhelming mix often; however, don’t mix them time after time, or they will not take on any tone.
6. Push the onions aside from the container, then, at that point, add the chicken thighs, smooth side down. Increase the warmth to medium and high and fry the chicken until it’s brilliant brown on the two sides. This should require around 15-20 minutes, and you should turn the pieces over mostly (a couple of utensils are helpful for this). Watch cautiously if the onions begin to brown excessively – on the off chance they do, heap them up on top of the chicken.
7. Mix in a portion of the yogurt blend and cook until it vanishes – rehashes a bit at a time. Whizz 150ml/ΒΌ half quart cold water in the blender to utilize the last pieces of the combination and add to the skillet with a touch of salt. Mix until foaming, scraping up any new details. Lessen the warmth to its most minimal and cover the skillet firmly. Stew for 30-35 minutes or until the chicken is delicate when punctured, mixing and turning midway and adding a sprinkle of heated water if the sauce is dehydrated. Serve sprinkled with finely cleaved coriander stems and a little bean stew decorating (put the rest in a bowl on the table).